Luka’s Christening Day 26/08/18

Dear Diary

Hello guys! Below you will find a few snaps of Luka’s christening day



My top 8 Books everyone should read

Dear Diary

I often get asked how I stay so positive and motivated all the time. My answer is READING! πŸ“š I love to read self-help books, motivational books and parenting books. I think it’s so important to read and stimulate the brain every day. Honestly reading is like exercise for my brain πŸ˜πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Below you will find some of my all time favourite books that I think everyone should read. ✌️

1. The alchemist by Eckhart Tolle

This was the first book I picked up to read after having my first child. The alchemist is a very powerful book that has allowed me to realise that everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone’s journey is different, and we are all striving to get to where we want to be. (The book can be found in 73 languages).

2. The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

This book has had a major impact

on how I live my life today . (I think I’ve read this book 3 times πŸ‘). It has allowed me to understand how important it is to stop and embrace the present moment. To be grateful of where I’am are now, and to always appreciate each and every day.

3. The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is definitely a must read! After reading the four agreement, I’ve learned that in order to fully enjoy life, be happy and free, we must not get so invested in our emotions.

1. I’am impeccable with my words

2. I don’t take anything personally

3. I always do my best

4. I live in the now

4. You are enough by Cassie Mendoza jones

You are enough has taught me how important it is to love yourself. We are all doing the best we can, whether that be in a relationship, career, parenting or life in general. It’s important to not be so hard on yourself and learn from every experience life throws at you.

(I loved meeting Cassie and doing one of her workshops. She was so inspiring).

5. Creative visualisation by Shakti Gawain

This book taught me the concept of “The law of attraction” In order for anyone to reach their goals they must first want it 100%, believe they can get it, put in the hard work, and surround themselves around encouraging and supportive people.

6. The magic by Rhonda Byran

“If you don’t take time to be grateful, you will never have more, and what you do have, you will lose”

This is how I live my life everyday!

I remind myself every day that life is beautiful, and that I always need to be grateful and appreciate where life has taken me so far, and where it continues to take me. πŸ˜πŸ™This book honestly opens your eyes, and allows you to see life so differently!

7. The surrender experiment by

Michael A Singer

The surrender experiment is the reason why I fell in love with Yoga and meditation. It is a book that allowed me to understand the importance of letting go, being free and chasing all of your dreams.

8. My secret is your secret -fight style by Kerri Denton

I love affirmation and this was the perfect book for me. It’s full of inspirational affirmation that motivate and inspire me to be the best version I can be.

I hope that you enjoy reading these books as much as I have. If you have any books you loved reading, or you can recommend any, can you please comment bellow πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚

“A room without books is like a body without a soul” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Mirela. B


A little life update πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Dear Diary

So I thought I might update you all on what it has been like juggling a 2 year old and a 5 month old. Luka is 5 months already!! 😩 I seriously can’t believe how fast time is going. I think I write that in every post πŸ€·β€β™€οΈbut it’s crazy how fast children grown. This post is just a little insight on what my life has been like in the last 5 months. I talk about some of the challenges I’ve faced as well as some of the exciting moments we’ve had as a family.

Stay home mum!

So yes I’am a stay home mum and have been every since Mateo was born. It has it’s ups as well as its downs. Don’t get me wrong, I’am so lucky and grateful that I am able to stay home with my children everyday and see them grow. When I tell people I’m a stay home mum and don’t “work” they automatically think how good I have it. In reality being a stay home mum, it can be a lot more challenging than working 9-5. Think of it like this- I wake up at 5/6am everyday, l have to change/feed these little humans who relay on me 24/7, I have to entertain and make sure they are satisfied until I can finallyyyy…. attend to my own needs. It can also be very emotionally challenging because I’am stuck at home 24/7 (I try to get out as much as I can, but sometimes it’s just impossible or I’m way to tired).

So the first few months I thought I had the hang of it all, but eventually realised that at times things did get a little hard. Some days I literally wanted to cry (or maybe I did cry) and other days I was a happy chappy and everything seemed so easy. It’s really funny how motherhood works, one day you can feel like your so in control and the best mum in the whole world, while other days you might feel like you just can’t get anything right. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Yup that’s my life! I’ve learned to be kind to myself and begin each morning on a positive note. Something I continue to tell myself every day when I wake up is -“It’s going to be a good day!” and to be honest, the day actually ends up on a positive every time. (If you don’t believe me try it for a week). 😊

Mateo and the terrible 2’s

So Mateo is just over 2 (2 years and 2 month to be exact), and boy have the terrible 2s really started. Things that I’ve noticed is when I’m holding Luka or giving him any kind of attention, Mateo will try and take that away from him. He would throw a massive tantrums. At first I didn’t know why he was doing this, but eventually noticed that he wanted to be my first priority. I had no idea how to handle this at first, and struggled at times to satisfy both children at the same time. Luka would cry because he wanted me to hold him, and Mateo also wanted me to play with him. 😩 I literally felt like I was being pulled from one side to the other and I was losing my mind lol. I decided to set up a play area in a room for both boys and every day we would sit down and play with all the toys together. I put a baby pillow in the room and I would sit Luka down and give him toys to play with. This allowed me to show Mateo a little more attention without having to hold Luka all the time. I’ve found that this approach has slowed down Mateo’s tantrums and his a lot more patient when I have to cater to his brothers needs. I’m Still learning to juggle them both especially when I’m on my own and Vlado’s not around to help, but it’s slowly starting to become a little easier

Luka started solids πŸ₯‘πŸ“πŸ

So Yes as soon as Luka turned 4 months, I was straight onto the solids. (Keep in mind that all babies are different and only you know what is right for your child). Generally babies will show little signs that they are ready to eat solids. Luka would always open his mouth when he saw someone eating, or when I was holding food he would grab my hand and try and put the food in his mouth. So things like this may indicate that your child is ready for food, but to be honest their is no rush, as long as they are getting their milk. With Mateo we didn’t start him on solids till very late (I think it was like 5 and a half months). That was when he was ready and it was totally fine. Another exciting thing that happend the other day was Luka rolled over on his own while he was doing tummy time.😁😁😁 I couldn’t believe it! and YES it might not be exciting to some, but it was for Mateo and I, we even clapped and cheered him on ahahaha 🀣🀣(yes my family and I are strange πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ).

My mum – The nanny!

I’ll be straight out and honest, my mum has helped soooo much with the kids and I could not thank her enough. Mateo loves spending time with his grandma and has not gone one day without mentioning her or saying baba (grandma). I remember when I was his age, I was with my grandma every day. She looked after me when mum had to go work and till days I will forever cherish those moments I had with her πŸ™

So there you have it! some insight on what motherhood has been like for me the past few months. It has been a bit of a challenge, but I’m sure that I will be faced with a lot more challenges as they grow older! At the end of the day it’s important to realise that challenges are good! they are what allows us to continue learning, growing and becoming much stronger than we already are.

“Our greatest struggles always form our greatest strengths” Unknown

Mirela. B


Getting Trough the Early Years of Parenting πŸ™ƒ

Dear Diary

So Mateo has turned 2!!! 😊😊😊We had a small birthday party with family and friends at our place. (If you want to watch a short video of his birthday, the link is below –

In this post, I talk about some of the things that I have learned in the past 2 years since becoming a mum.

I share some important things that I wish someone told me in my first year of parenting. I hope this post gives you some guidance and makes the first 2 years with your bundle of joy a little less stressful. πŸ˜πŸ’‹

Parenting is not easy!

So being a mum to one child was hard enough, but when I became a mother to a toddler and a newborn it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. I think what is important to remember is that all mums have good days and bad days. Sometimes Mateo and Luka wake up so happy and in the best mood, and other days let’s just say they wake up “on the wrong side of the bed”. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈThis is completely normal and you eventually learn to deal with their moods. What I’ve learned to do when it does seem like a “bad day” is to give them my full attention- alll day! (I don’t worry about the house work/dishes/cleaning etc ). I just focus on the boys. We dance, play, read and go for a walk.😁 This makes a massive difference, and completely changes their mood around. Spending time with my children and not worrying about anything els is something that I look forward to everyday.

If your not a parent , you will never understand!

For so long now I’ve gotten so frustrated when others put in their opinions about my parenting. Even the ones that don’t have children seem to think they know what parenting is like. I personally don’t think that you will understand what it’s like to be a mother, until you become one. The first year after having Mateo, I had so many opinions and advice thrown at me about the right way to parent. I eventually just had to be honest and tell everyone “I’m the mum, and I will do what I think is the best for my child”. Believe it on not it actually worked, and everyone stopped putting their two cents in. (Sometimes this is what needs to be done in order for you to stay sane. Believe me I would know lol).

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

I’ll start of by saying that their is no such thing as a PERFECT Mum! It has taken me a while to realise this and still today I can be hard on myself when I seem to fail. Examples could be if the house is a mess, Or if I yell at Mateo when he misbehaves. I know we mums can over think a lot sometimes and beat our selves up over the smallest things. What I tend to do on days that aren’t going to plan is write it down .

Eg- Yelling at Mateo when his misbehaving instead of telling him nicely what he has done wrong etc.

I ask myself – “What I can possible do to make myself a littler better and not feel so bad for yelling at him”?

Solution – Kiss Mateo and tell him your sorry and to not throw his toys around lol.

This approach works for me and in a few minutes I feel so much better and don’t feel guilty for yelling at him.πŸ™‚ I’m a big believer in talking to your kids nicely, even if they do misbehave. I feel as this approach strengths my relationship with son.

Sleep patterns

One thing that all parents will have to deal with is their child’s sleep patterns. Mateo has already started hiding when he hears his dad say “It’s bedtime!” It’s the cutest thing, but can also be reallly frustrating to get him to bed. (Thankfully once his asleep, he sleeps all night and dosn’t wake up untill the next morning). The important thing to remember is that all children will adjust to sleeping in their own time. Whilst one child may sleep through the night straight away, others may need a little more time to get used to their routines. I think it’s important to remember that all children are different, and they all learn in their own ways.

Children and Tantrums

Ok one thing to remember here is that “EVERY Child”is going to have a melt down/ Tantrum. It is part of their development and it is completely normal. Parents should not be ashamed and embarrassed when this happeneds. Children are developing everyday and are not able to communicate and express their feelings. The only way they feel heard is by throwing a tantrum. (Boy, I wish someone told me this earlier!! ). I think mums think if their child misbehaves/has a tantrum that it’s a reflection on their parenting, and let me tell you this is NOT true. Children will be children, and when I see Mateo is about to throw a tantrum, I let him!!! I let him get it out of his system and within minutes he is totally fine. (Even if it’s in public lol). If you want to read further into how to discipline your children read the book by-

Daniel J Siegel,MD and Tina Payne Bryson

No-Drama discipline/ The whole- brain way To calm the chaos and nature your child’s developing mind

Motherhood and Comparison

This is properly why I don’t have a lot of mum friends. lol I can’t stand when mums compare their children with other children. Like I said previously, all children are different and while some are more advance others may just need more time. I’ve learned that Mateo is a much more emotional baby whiles Luka is more quiet and content. Both my boys are completely different and I allow them to express themselves any way they want (even if it’s with tantrums). Every mother will parent in their own ways and I think all mothers should support and encourage each other.

Self care

I’ve mentioned self care a few times on my blog, but I think it’s so important to continue to remind mums that they are important as well, and need to be natured and taken care of too. As the boys are getting older, I find I literally have less and less time as they need more of my attention during the day. I know right! I thought it would be the opposite, but it’s not. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜³ Give yourself a break and book your self a massage when you feel over worked and depleted, I do it all the time! πŸ’‹

I hope this gives you a little insight on the challenges and learning I have undergone as a mother in the last 2 years. Like I said, we are not perfect, and all we can do is continue to learn and do the best we can for our children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mums, grandmas and aunties πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world” unknown



Why I started a YouTube Channel! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ“Έ

Dear Diary

Yess! I have jumped onto the YouTube band wagon πŸš™πŸ‘ and could not be more excited to share my life journey with you all on camera! 😁I have never been much of a public speaker, and I have always been so self-conscious in front of the lens, but a few months back I read this quote by Brian Tracy- “Move out of your comfort zone, you can only grow if you are whiling to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Reading this made me realise that it is a good thing to do something we are not comfortable with. This is the only way we can grow and develop. So what better way to continue being “uncomfortable” than by creating my own YouTube channel lol πŸ˜³πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I’m up for the challenge, and I’m so very excited to enter the YouTube World!🌎 πŸ˜πŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

What my YouTube channel is all about..

My channel Mirela Barisic will be all about my day to day life. I will be Vlogging all sorts of things that I get up to on a daily basis. My family holidays (everyone knows I love to travel- I’ve booked a trip and it’s coming up very soon, stay tuned!). I’ll also be vlogging some of the events and celebrations that I attend. I promise not to make them too boring. πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ My little family will be the main focus, and my partner will at times make an appearance, just like he did in my latest Vlog. πŸ€“ If you have not yet seen it, the link is below

The difference between my blog and my YouTube Channel

Scribe my journey by Mirela will always be my first project, and the most nerve racking one that I have ever created. (It’s almost a year since I created it 😱-(May 11th to be exact). I will still continue writing my motherhood posts and be updating you all on my mummy challenges. Mummy blogging is something that has taught me to stay authentic and real, and I’ve had the opportunity to interact with so many beautiful mothers. (My blog has been featured in alongside 5 other influential mummybloggers. If you would like to read it, the link is below-

I think the difference between my blog and my YouTube channel is that my blog is a lot more about my motherhood journey and my growth and development raising two boys. My YouTube channel will be more about my family adventures, and the fun stuff I got up to. It’s a place I’m not going to take myself to seriously and allow you to see what my world is all about.

I hope you enjoy watching upcoming videos and don’t be scared to like and subscribe. (As always I will leave you with an inspiration quote πŸ€—).

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve your” Less Brown

If you want to check out my other videos


9 weeks post baby update πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Dear Diary

How time flys!

So it has already been 9 weeks since Luka came into the world, and boy has it been a major life change. Keeping up with a newborn and toddler is properly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to get used to. (It can be really tough at times). This new chapter in my life has filled my heart with so much joy and happiness, but also left me to tackle challenges and emotions that I never thought I would be faced with.

What it’s really like to look after a newborn and toddler?

Ok! so I’ll be raw and honest with you all- IT AIN’T EASY! I’m constantly torn between two children who want my attention 24/7 (literally). I’m not getting enough sleep that I’m used to and sometimes I get the mum guilt. (over the stuiped things that I realise later on). My youngest, I’ve learned is a very clingy baby and just wants mama all the time. His one of those babies that loves to be really really close. (Close like breathing onto him so he can feel my breath ahah I’m not even joking). Mateo, my oldest has slowly adjusted to his baby brother, but at times does get a little jealous when the attention is not on him. (I don’t blame him since he was the first grandchild on both sides of the family). I’ve started seeing the bond between the boys growing each day. Mateo occasionally runs to Luka when he cries, and tries to calm him down. He even brings him his bottle/pacifier. I think it’s so adorable and I encourage this, and make sure I tell him what a good big brother he is. (He loves this, and I can tell his so proud of himself).

How I’m managing sleep deprivation

Coffee coffee and more coffee! 😁I’ve honestly forgotten what it’s like to get a good night sleep. (My first born started sleeping all night 3rd month in, fingers crossed Luka follows this path too). Luka still wakes up every 3 hours but falls asleep straight after he finishes feeding. (He just feeds soooo soo slow and takes his time, something Mateo didn’t do). I think what has helped me with sleep deprivation is to take the boys out for a walk most days. I get some fresh air and I don’t feel as lethargic. My mum helps heaps as well and sometimes takes mateo for a few hours during the day. This allows me to take a nap when Luka is asleep. (I’m not much of a nap person but sometimes by noon I can bearly keep my eyes open).

Me, Myself and I

As for looking after myself – I make sure that ever day I do something for me. It can be as small as going in another room and painting my nails or putting on a face mask. Mid week I try and get out and do a small work out or go for a walk around the lake with my girlfriend (I havn’t really being doing this lately as I’ve had so many appointments for the boys). The weekends are my days to just get out of the house for a few hours. (Spend some time with my girlfriends- thanks ladies you keep me sane!) and just have some ME time. 😊 My husband also gets the opportunity to bond with the boys. We usually choose one day of the weekend to have family time. (We take Mateo swimming lessons and he really looks forwards to it).

My relationship

Yes the questions I always get asked. How are you and vlad going being parents of two children under the age of 2?? To be honest, sometimes we literally want to kill each other- let me rephrase that…. I want to kill him ahahah just kidding!!! (I blame sleep deprivation lol). We have always had a really strong and solid relationships but having 2 children has definitely tested our relationship and at times it can get really difficulty coming to some sorta agreement without snapping at each other. Catering to the kids all day can leave me very moody and sometimes I tend to take it out on my husband (don’t we all?? Please say yes lol). We haven’t really spent that much time together these last few weeks as the boys consume all of our energy. Hopefully this slowly changes and we fall in love with each other again ahahahah (marriage+children= ain’t easy lol) My husbands birthday, Mateo’s 2nd birthday and our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I have something really special planned πŸ˜‰Stay tuned, I’ll be vlogging/blogging it).

So there you go! I hope this blog gives you a little idea of what my life has been like the past 2 months. Even though it hasn’t all been chocolates and roses, I know I’m blessed to have such a beautiful family who I love so much and wouldn’t change it for the world.

“It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is”. Unknown

Mirela. B

(The bond they have makes my heart full)

The Birth of Luka Barisic

Dear Diary

Hey guys! so I’ve finally put together my labour video. In the video you get to see the experience I went through from when my water broke (literally I started vlogging at 3am) to driving to the hospital and going through all the labour stuff, to the final moment when we first met our beautiful baby boy Luka Barisic. This video will be a memory I will cherish my whole life, and look forward to showing the video to Luka and Mateo when they get older.


Produced/Edited by-

Mirela Barisic & Vladimir Barisic

                                                                          music 🎢

Ed Sheeran ft BeyoncΓ© – Perfect

Calum Scott- You are the reason

Ed Sheeran- Photograph


Frances Perry Hospital Melbourne

Delivery Doctors-

Dr Natalia Khomko

Dr Perry Dyson


‘where life begins and love never ends’

Mirela. B