Scribe My Journey~   By Mirela

Welcome to my world!


Dear Diary

Hallo beautiful people and welcome to my world. So yes! as you may have guessed I’ve built the strength and courage to finally create my own personal blog for the world to read. There are many reasons why I decided to bring ‘Scribe My Journey- By Mirela to life, one being the fact that ever since I put pen to paper I loved to write. As a child I loved writing my thoughts, ideas and experiences and found it so empowering how expressing myself on paper could make me feel (call me cheesy but it worked for me). As time went by I kept a small journal and it almost became like my life security blanket. I would write almost every day. In saying this, I know I’m not the best writer and my spelling is terrible (English is my second language) but does it really matter? and should that really stop me from writing if I enjoy it so much?

How it all began!

Not long ago I reunited with an old friend from high school (she literally came out of nowhere). She was the one who introduced me to the world of blogging. Being a blogger herself she continued to inspire and encourage me to start creating my own blog. She shared so many ins and outs of how she started her blog, what her insecurities and imperfections were and how it all began for her. I was so touched by her encouragement and support that I began visualizing what it would be like if I started blogging- sharing my thoughts, ideas, struggles and experiences with the world. I started getting really excited but of course there was that voice in my head that said I wasn’t good enough, what would I write about, no one would read what I write, everyone has a blog theses days. These thoughts continued to fog up my mind and I started to accept all theses crazy beliefs and assumptions that were in my head (I still continued to write in my own personal journal).

How I jumped, and just went for it!

Even though I decided that blogging wasn’t for me in that moment, I couldn’t escape from the blogging world. It was all around me, everyone was blogging, I was always reading different blogs and continued to get inspired. Little did I know I’ve been blogging for most of my life in my personal journal, I just wasn’t exposing and sharing my thoughts with the world. When I became a mother I started to see the world in a different light, I started to explore the world and didn’t fuss over the little things that didn’t matter. I started to live life and just go for every opportunity that came my way. I stopped thinking about what others thought about me and tried to be the best role model for my son. (I will go into further detail about motherhood in my next blog). I let go of every negative thought I had and just let nature take its place. I kid you not, a few days ago I came up with ‘Scribe My Journey by Mirela’ out of the blue, it all started making sense in my head and I thought why the hell not, what have I got to lose (besides exposing my personal life to the world lol).

A little insight on what ‘Scribe My Journey- by Mirela’ is all about

Well, as mentioned I’ve had a journal all my life so this is my little space where I get to be creative and bring that to life. By sharing my thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world I hope I inspire others to do the same. Yes I’m aware that some stuff I write not everyone will agree on and it may even offend some in certain ways but please understand that the purpose of my blog is to be as real, raw and honest as I possibly can about MY LIFE EXPERINCES. I’m open to other people’s opinions and views but please don’t be nasty. As my mother always use to say to me ‘if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all’. I’m so very excited and cannot wait to get started and build Scribe My Journey- By Mirela and create a positive space for people to enjoy reading.

Thank you and welcome to my world!

Mirela. B

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