Scribe My Journey~   By Mirela

My love for Yoga and Meditation


Dear Diary

Since having a baby I’ve become a little obsessed with Yoga and meditation. As mentioned in my previous blog when I became a mother I found myself overly tired, stressed and just overall unhappy with myself. (ching ching! This is where I turned to Yoga and Meditation). I feel that Yoga and Meditation has helped me with the physical and mental changes my body has undergone. These two practices have not only made me physically and mentally stronger, but also allowed me to explore inner peace and stillness, keeping me in the present moment.

Why I started doing Yoga

I remember the day I went to my first ever Yoga class at a local gym. I got up super early and couldn’t wait to give it a go. After the class, I was seriously disappointed. (Yup hated it! and thought what a waste of time). I went into the Yoga class thinking it would relax my muscles, give me a boost of energy and stretch my hole body out- and whilst it did some of those things, I just expected more. When I thought of Yoga I thought of a quiet space where you can completely zone out and focus on your stretches and poses. (At the gym I got distracted and couldn’t fully embrace the Yoga experience). A few weeks later I came across a Yoga studio and thought maybe that’s what I envisioned, a studio specifically designed for Yogis. (dahhh!!) I signed up and had the best experience ever! The moment I walked through the door I felt a sense of stillness and peace. The teacher was amazing and I could feel the love and passion she had for her profession. With so many different types of Yoga I began with Hatha Yoga- which is practically for beginners and provides an introduction to basic Yoga poses. I also practice Vinyassa, which focuses on coordinating movement with breath (I love doing Vinyasa Yoga, it leaves me so relaxed).

How Yoga led me to meditation

My Yoga teacher could see how much I was enjoying each class and mentioned since I love (Vinyas Yoga) so much, I should try meditation as well. At the end of each Yoga class we had the last 15 minutes to do a quick meditation. (I’ve never meditated and did not know what to expect). Once I did a few classes I got so excited and couldn’t wait for my next weekly class (yes! I was hooked). I sensed a complete change in myself, I noticed I was a lot calmer, a lot more at ease and overall a lot more energetic and happier. (It certainly did take a few classes to get used to it all). I remember one day I was scrolling through Instagram (as you do) and came across a meditating course that caught my attention. I signed up to get the free 5 min intro and honestly fell in love with it. It’s a practice that I have adapted into my daily routine and honestly would never look back. (Thank you so much Rochelle for creating this brilliant course). I’ve mentioned it a few times on Instagram but for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram, the course is called MINDSPO. I highly recommend checking it out. It has honestly changed my life (I practice meditation every day and wished I started sooner).

Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

As mothers, we are faced with so many difficult challenges that leaves us tired, angry, disappointment and overall unhappy. I turned to Yoga and meditation to help me overcome all these difficult demons I was facing. Motherhood sure isn’t easy and it can be both physically and mentally draining. (Gosh! I sound like such a whinger, there are good sides to motherhood too, ill be going into more detail on this further in my next blog). But overall I’ve learned that it’s important to try new things (in my case yoga and mediation) which  have had a tremendous positive impact on my life physical and mentally.

Is there something you can change or do to improve your over all physical and mental health?

“It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday try something different today. don’t stay stuck do better”
-Alex Elle

Mirela. B


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