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Our Stay at the Versace Hotel

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Dear Diary

For mother’s day I got a beautiful surprise from my boys to stay at the Versace hotel on the Gold Coast. I was so excited and grateful to be able to share such an amazing experience with my family (come on who wouldn’t be, there are only 2 in the world). This blog post will be a quick honest review (mostly photos) on what my first impressions were and my overall experience at the luxury hotel.

First impression-

The moment we entered this beautiful place, a lovely gentlemen greeted us whilst the concierge helped to take our bags to our room. (A+ Service straight away). Two well-dressed doormen opened the double doors as we entered to check in. The foyer to the hotel was beyond amazing, the beautiful center chandelier, to the bright colourful Versace pillows on the lounges, (the details were incredible) and of course, the amazing view of the pool. (Honestly breathtaking, I didn’t know where to look first).



Our room-

Our room was perfect! it was clean, really spacious and smelt amazing. Everything was beyond what we expected, from the bed, to the bathroom and all the fine details on the walls, pillows and bathroom accessories. The spa was huge and I couldn’t wait to unwind and have a bath while Mateo had his afternoon nap, (the joys of traveling with a child). Our balcony view was overlooking the amazing lagoon pool and it looked even more incredible at night. The bed was so comfortable (most hotels have such uncomfortable beds or pillows but not the Versace hotel – it even had the Versace logo on the frame of the bed (Ammmaazzinggggg!!). The fridge was full and the glass wear was beyond amazing, with the finest detail of the Versace logo of course. Everything was just perefect and we could not wait to embrace the Versace experience.



Buffet breakfast and the restaurant-

With our room we had the buffet breakfast included. We would wake up super early and go downstairs to have breakfast.  I was amazed by the quick service (seating) and the delicious food. (since becoming a mum I have never not had a big breakfast) The staff were very friendly and accommodating (you need this especially if your holidaying with a child). We didn’t get a chance to dine at the restaurant as we ordered room service for dinner on both nights. (fussy baby can’t always do what you want)  The food was delicious (of course, I ordered pasta as I always do) and a big fruit platter (yippi!!! I’ve always been a fruit eater) We did go downstairs after Mateo fell asleep and had a drink (put him in the stroller and off we went, so lucky that he is a heavy sleeper). We had a few drinks, relaxed and listened to the beautiful light piano music being played in the foyer.




The pool-

Unfortunatly the weather wasn’t that great and we didn’t get the chance to swim in the pool (it was way to cold for me). We still walked around and took some amazing photos. I was blown away at how big the the pool was and how many diffrent sections there were to explore. We came across a private beach setting where you can hire the cabanas and have the full beach life experince. (so sad we didn’t get the chance to do this, oh well there is allways next time).

poo2 IMG_5810


Overall, our stay at the Versace hotel on the Gold Coast was a 10/10,  We had a wonderful time and the service was above and beyond amazing. (This to me is so very important as it sets the whole vibe of your stay). We will definitely be going back for another family holiday. (hopefully when we return it is a little bit warmer so we get to swim in the never-ending pool).  I was a bit nervouse at first because it is a 5 star hotel and wasn’t to sure how well behaved Mateo would be (you never know with children, one min. they are angels and the next… ahaha ) It couldn’t have been more perfect and I loved every moment.  Thank you to my two beautiful boys, mummy loved her present. Maybe next mother’s day we could go again ‘hint hint’ xxxx

“You can’t pretend that everybody likes Versace. It would be boring. It’s better to create a reaction than to create no reaction. That’s dangerous” – Donatella Versace

Mirela. B



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