Scribe My Journey~   By Mirela

We are having another baby!


Dear Diary

The day we found out we were expecting another addition to the family was a massive surprise, full of excitement, joy and happy tears. We always did want to have a big family. When Mateo came into our life we instantly knew that having more children was definitely what we both wanted in the near future. But what we didn’t expect was how quickly that was going to happen. In this blog post, I take you through the journey of how we found out about baby #2,  and what our initial thoughts and feelings were when it really sunk in that we were about to become parents of two.

Hawaii baby –

For my husband’s birthday I decided to surprise him with a family trip to Hawaii, (He missed out on having a big 30th birthday so what better way to make his 31st special but a family trip to Hawaii. (Thanks mum for helping me organize everything and being our babysitter on the whole trip lol). So anyways, we had a beautiful time and both Vlado and Mateo loved every minute. (I might write up a blog post in the near future on what we did there and why we loved it so much). On our flight home I was so nauseous the whole way back but thought nothing of it. (It was such a long direct flight to Melbourne that I thought it was just a lack of sleep). Once we landed in Melbourne, I rushed to the toilets and threw up everywhere. (Again! I blamed it on the flight and thought it must be something I ate) LOL Boyyyyy how wrong was I.


When 3 become 4-

A few weeks had gone by and I kept telling my husband that I felt a little different, but just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. That night I had the most unusual dream. Yup! I had a dream I was pregnant!!! (I was getting so many signs from the Universe that I was pregnant but just kept ignoring them. I even had a close friend randomly say she had an odd feeling someone around her is pregnant lol, could it get any more Obvious!!!! I finally found some time to go and get a pregnancy test and Yup! of course it came out POSITIVE!!!!!!  At first I actually laughed to myself, (I tend to do this when I get nervous, wired but true) and slowly walked up the stairs where my husband was getting Mateo ready for bed. I stopped at the door and took a deep breath, walked in, said nothing and just gave him the pregnancy stick (mind you Mateo was half asleep and we couldn’t say a word to each other or else Mateo would wake up and it would be a struggle to get him to  go back to sleep). We just looked at each other with a big smile and my husband gave me a big tight hug. (seriously true story).

ultra sounfizeRender

The first trimester-

The first trimester was so hard for me this time around. I was so nauseous all the time (morning and night), I couldn’t eat anything and I was always so emotional (nothing like the first time around). The hardest part was hiding the fact that I was pregnant from close family and friends and constantly making up excuses or canceling plans with the girls (sorry ladies, my bad). I was over the moon when I was finally about to reveal to the world that baby #2 was on its way (In my next blog I will share some first trimester must haves that helped me get through the first 12 weeks, keep an eye out!).

The beginning of another new chapter-

So there you go everyone, I am 12 weeks pregnant and our little family will not be so little anymore. We are so blessed and so grateful for what’s to come. I’m a bit nervous but a lot more excited this time around (know what to expect) and cannot wait to meet our beautiful baby.

“It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift”-  Beyonce

Mirela. B





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