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My second trimester stress


Dear Diary

We are already in the second trimester and boy is it going so fast (21.5 weeks to be exact). In all honesty the beginning of the second trimester was not fun at all, as I found it really difficult to cope for a few weeks.. I was so excited to get through the first few months of pregnancy and put nausea and morning sickness out of my misery. They say the second trimester is meant to be the most enjoyable. (Well not for me, at the beginning anyway). My morning- evening sickness didn’t really go away and I felt more miserable and tired at the start of the second trimester than the first: other things that came into play were crazy hormones, mood swings, not eating really well, not sleeping, fatigue, and hospital misunderstandings, leading me feeling really stressed and anxious.

Beginning of the second trimester

With my first pregnancy I didn’t really feel nauseous or sick at all, (maybe randomly on and off)but nothing like this pregnancy. All I wanted was to get my appetite back and be able to eat all the delicious food I once enjoyed so much. This didn’t happen at first, my morning/evening sickness got worse and I couldn’t stomach anything down. I was always so tired, and it would seriously hit me out of nowhere as I couldn’t keep my eyes open. This was a struggle as I have a 1 year old to look after who is always full of energy. Slowly as the weeks went by I started to feel a little bit better.  At times when I was hungry I had to literally  force the food down, (mums advice as she experienced the same thing with all three pregnancies- like mother like daughter hey!). It helped and I started to get my energy back even though I didn’t really enjoy the food. Mateo and I started going for walks every day and that helped a lot! (fresh air is everything). Hormones were a major bi*@h with my emotions changing every minute (poor husband of mine lol). What made it all better was the surprise from my husband that our babymoon was going to be in the Maldives (just what I needed!!! or maybe what I manifested 😊)Booking our babymoon to the Maldives helped me get out of this  “second trimester hurdle” I was going through. I mean who wouldn’t be in a great mood if they visited one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We relaxed on the beach, swam in the beautiful water and ate heaps of delicious food (which I actually enjoyed eating). I even woke up at 5-6am each  morning with a smile on my face full of energy…. who would have thought! (It’s amazing how a little sun and water on an island can can make you feel).


Picking the hospital

We always thought we would go public like we did with our first pregnancy, but little did I know that was about to change in the second trimester. To be honest I didn’t really think there was much of a difference (a doctor is a doctor, I’m sure they all want the best for you and your baby). We had a wonderful doctor who took amazing care of Mateo  and I during my first pregnancy (even though It was a complicated delivery). We booked the same hospital and just hoped for the best. It took a while for the hospital to get in contact with us (I though maybe that’s just how it works and they must be really busy). The hospital finally got in touch with me and told me that I missed my first appointment. I had no idea I even had and appointment (strike one!). They said that a letter and msg was sent out (that was a lie as I never got a letter or a msg). Then they said they will re-book (booked a random date without even confirming if I could attend). The lady said that I would get a text msg and repeated my phone number which in fact wasn’t even my number. This made me get major anxiety as I started to think about the aftercare with my first pregnancy. (It wasn’t the best, but we won’t go into details about that in this post).

Going private!

With my stress levels and anxiety getting worse, my husband and I decided it was best we go private. It took a few days for us to find another hospital we were both happy with. Once we chose the  hospital we went through a list of  doctors on their website, and picked the one we thought would be best for us. I was finally starting to calm down as everything was going to plan. The appointment with the obstetrician couldn’t have gone any better. She was so lovely and made us both feel so comfortable. (Mateo even liked her!). We chatted for ages and I walked out happy and content with our decision.

As you can see,  it’s not all fun and games being pregnant. I get a lot of people saying wow! you make pregnancy/motherhood look so easy! You got it all together all the time! well let me tell you this, I actually don’t! (Well not all the time anyways). I struggle too and sometimes I even feel like pulling my hair out. Literally I’m not even joking! But in the end I eventually get it together and pull through. A little word of advice when going through a tough time when pregnant….  breathe! everything will be ok! – do something that makes u smile/spend time with your friends/ meditate/ go on the holiday you have wanted to go on/ it’s as simple as going for a walk with your little one/ write it out- journal writing is so therapeutic, and remember even the tough times eventually pass.

“Be patient the sorrow will be replaced with joy and the difficulty will be replaced with ease” – Imam Ali




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