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Third trimester (week 29-40)

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Dear Diary

I am in my final trimester of pregnancy, the third trimester. 😁 It has honestly gone so fast and I cannot believe that in about 7 weeks we get to meet our little man. This blog post is just a little update on what’s been going on with me in the third trimester How I have been feeling, what I’ve been finding difficult and just some items that have been making the last few weeks of pregnancy a little easier.

33 weeks pregnant today!

So today marks 33 weeks of my pregnancy.  (I know, where has the time gone). I had my sugar blood test a few weeks back and my results came back some what ok nothing of major concern. My iron/vitamin D was a bit lower than normal. I started taking iron/vitamin D tablets to boost it back up and had to change a few things in my diet. Overall everything is back on track and I have so much more energy than I had in the second trimester. (Explains why I have been feeling so tired in the second trimester). I have started doing a lot more yoga and stretches during the day to increase my blood flow. My feet at times can swell up and I literally need my husband to give me a foot massage most nights. (How lucky am I to have him hehe).<<<<

My must have items in the third trimester

                                                   Belly bandit-


Ok so this has literally saved me from the constant back pain that I have been experiencing in the last few weeks. (My belly has grown so much, putting a lot of pressure on my back). The belly bandit has helped to support my growing belly and ease up my back pain. This seriously is a must have in the third trimester. (You can start using it earlier in your pregnancy if you like). I got mine from baby bunting and I think it was around $80. (So worth the money).

  Pure papayacare- Papaya Renew cream


This cream was gifted to me and I absolutely love it! It moisturizers my tummy and doesn’t leave it greasy like some creams that I have tried. My tummy is no longer as itchy, and I love the scent of the cream. I usually use this cream 2 times during the day, or when ever I feel my tummy is getting dry. ( I also use the palmers cocoa stretch marks cream at night which I have mentioned in my previous posts).         

                         Maternity support pillow 


I absolutely love my maternity support pillow and sleep with it every night. I actually purchased it when I fell pregnant with Mateo and I’m re-using it once again. I think I got it from baby bunting but not 💯 sure. I highly recommend getting a pregnancy pillow because it helps supports the back and the belly.  I get such a good night sleep now that I have started using this pillow. (You can get all kinds of different sizes and there is heaps of affordable ones on eBay).

So that pretty much covers how I’ve been feeling in my last trimester of pregnancy. The third trimester for some woman can be really hard, exhausting and a little frustrating. (Lets face it! you start getting sick of your big belly, and everything seems to be getting hard waddling like a penguin ain’t fun lol). I have my check ups every 2 weeks now that my due date is approaching. Next week we have another ultra sound to check the size of the baby.  I have already started to prepare my hospital bag and I will be writing up a blog post on ‘What to pack in my hospital bag? 

“I’m hungry. I feel fat. I’m fine. My boobs hurt. My feet ache. Leave me alone. Come here. I want peanut butter. Go away. Just love me!” Unknown

This quote couldn’t be more accurate to how I have been feeling in my third trimester. fun fun fun-  I blame it on the hormones heheh

Mirela. B


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