Scribe My Journey~   By Mirela

My pregnancy photo shoot

Dear Diary

I was so excited to do a little photo shoot of my pregnancy/ baby bump. The one thing I regret so much with my first pregnancy is that I wish I had taken more photos of my growing belly. (I was a lot more self- conscious of my body whilst pregnant with my first child). I believe that pregnancy is a beautiful blessing regardless how hard it can actually be on your body. Pregnancy dosn’t last forever and it is a chapter in a woman’s life that is magical! All women should love and cherish this journey. Let’s face it! You are growing a little tiny human inside- what could be more incredible and rewarding than that 😊 Below you will find a few of my favourite pregnancy photos that I will cherish forever.





l hope all the pregnant mama’s enjoy their pregnancy journey as much as I have. Everything from the pain, the extra weight gain, the restless nights and waking up to pee a hundred times in the middle of the night are all worth it in the end, when you meet the beautiful little blessing you have created ❤️❤️❤️

“You will never understand life until it grows inside of you”- Sandra C Kassis

Mirela. B

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