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What’s in my hospital bag?


img_0584_facetune_26-12-2017-22-09-17Dear Diary

So the time has come to pack my hospital bag! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and even though I’m not 100 percent ready for the little man to arrive, I need to be prepared just incase he decides to make an entrance earlier than expected. I have packed two seperate bags- one for the baby and one for myself (And another for hubby, but I won’t include his bag in this blog post ahaha). Below you will find a list of items and a video that I recorded so you can see what is in both bags. (I have added a few items that may not be mentioned in the video).

Babies hospital bag

In the babies bag I packed all the items in zip up pockets, that way everything is easily accessible. Most of the clothing I packed are basics (zip up onesies).

Babies first outfit- (This I packed all in one big zip up pocket so it’s easier to find once the baby arrives).

Body suits/zip up onesies- x5 (I prefer zip up over buttons as it’s quicker to put on).

Singlets- x5

Muslin wraps- x5

Blanket x1

Baby Hats x3- (It can get chilli in the hospital).

Pacifier- (This is not necessary as we didn’t need one for Mateo, but I’ll be packing one  anyways.

Nappies- (The hospital provides them but I packed a few).

Baby Wipes- (Water wipes, but the nursers recommend to use cotton wool and water)

Nappy rash cream/ ointment 

Mitten/Socks- (Only if the onesies don’t have them, which some I have packed don’t).

Burp cloths X3

Nappy bags- (I packed a few).

Baby towel- (For babies first bath- This I didn’t include in my video which I will need to pack).

Mama’s hospital bag

Ok so with my first pregnancy, I literally over packed and didn’t use half of the items. This time I TRIED to pack as little as possible and only bring the necessities that I really need for labour and the days I will be in hospital when baby arrives.

During Labour

Hospital documents This is all the hospital paper work- Medicare card,healthcare card,hospital recipiets etc.

 long lose top for labour The hospital usually gives you a hospital Gown but I prefer my own comfy top.

Face towel It may get really hot so a nice cool face towel is the perfect way to cool yourself down.

Drink bottle I drink so much water and take my water bottle everywhere.

Lip balm With all the heavy breathing during labour  your lips may get really dry.

Thongs-  Last time I was in labour, I found that having a warm shower helps with the pain. (This is why I bring my thongs to wear in the shower).

Slippers and socks- It can get a little chilli in the hospital – bringing warm socks and slippers is a good idea. (At most hospitals you have to wear shoes/ slippers if going for a walk).

Snacks It’s a good idea to bring sugary sweets to up your energy. (I didn’t do this the first time and I really should have as I hardly had any energy.

Camera/Iphone/chargers This is really important as you want to capture the beautiful moments when you meet your baby for the first time. (The nursers are so friendly and are always whiling to take the perfect shots for you).

Hair ties- So important as you hair will annoy you during labour and you will want to tie it up.

After labour

Nursing pads Your milk dosn’t come in until a few days but I still packed some just in case.

Maternity pads Do I really need to say why?  (I didn’t include this in the video, I remembered after I filmed it. 

Tooth brush/Tooth paste

Underwear- You literally need big comfy grandma undies. (Darker colours are ideal).

Nursing bras- It’s just so much easier when feeding. (Unclips and clips so easily).

Pjs- You will be in them most of the time you are in hospital (Top with buttons is ideal for breastfeeding).

Comfy clothes- I prefer lounge wear/ leggings and a lose top. (You will still look pregnant after birth so make sure they are a bigger size).

Robe- Perfect if you decide to take the baby for a walk in the hospital.

Eye mask- I didn’t bring one last time and found the hospital lights were always so bright. It can be difficult to sleep/rest your eyes.

Glasses/contacts Reading glasses if you need them.

Hand cream- This is a must! You will be changing diapers a lot and washing your hands a lot! You will need a moisturiser! (I forgot to mention this in my video).

Dry shampoo

Hair brush

Shampoo/conditioner-  (Some hospitals may provide them).

Shower towel- I just like to bring my own. (Hospitals do provide them).

I hope this gives expecting mamas a little idea on what are some of the things to pack in your hospital bag. (You may not need all the things I have listed as everyone is different. 😊😊😊
 Mirela. B

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