Scribe My Journey~   By Mirela

My first week as a mum of 2

Dear Diary

So I thought I’d write up a quick post on what it has been like the past week with a newborn and a toddler. I share the highs and the lows and explain what things I’ve been doing to make life a little easier and quicker to adjust to being a mum of two.

Our first night

The day we took Luka home from the hospital we had to re-introduce him to our first born Mateo. He warmed up to him with no problem and was very gentle. (thank god!). My husband and I had prepared our selfs for many sleepless nights. We even said to each other bring it on! We were ready! (Or we thought we were lol). The first night went better than expected, we stuck to our nightly routine with Mateo (dinner, play, bath, book and bed) and he was in bed by 8pm. (He generally sleeps the whole night without waking up). Tick! That’s one child taken care of. My husband does this routine with Mateo each night as it’s the only time he gets to spend some time with him as he rarely sees him because of work. (How lucky am I 😁😁)Well….. I used to put my feet up and have an hour to myself and watch the Real house wife’s or keeping up with the kardashians but not any more! Whilst my husband was upstairs I was downstairs breastfeeding, calming Luka down, changing him, giving him all the attention I can. (Yup this was my reality now, everything that I had done before was once again reversed with the second child).

Sleep deprivation

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me how Luka has been with sleeping. (To be honest the first few weeks with a newborn the sleeping patterns will be all over the place. Your newborn is getting familiar with you and his/her surroundings, so patience is key, they will adjust eventually. (Heaps of cuddles makes everything better). Luka sleeps 3-4 hours at a time during the day until he has to feed. (This gives me some time to spend with Mateo, which I’m really happy about). During the night the sleeping pattern is a little different, (first night) Luka was waking up every 45min to an hour. Yes! I was a zombie for a few days (literally). I was not having it as sleep and rest was something that both my husband and I needed in order to juggle 2 children during the day. So I came up with a little routine in order for us to both get some sleep. (Yes I’m that mum that loves routine, if you haven’t noticed by now, it keeps me sane! lol). We split the night/morning in half. So I would go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 3am, and my husband would go to bed at 3am and wake up at 9am. (We might get a few more hours if Luka slept longer but we definitely got 6 hours sleep without interruptions. (This will change as my husband will be going back to work really soon and will need proper sleep). Luka’s sleeping at night is slowly stretching out to 3 hours at a time, which I’m happy about, fingers crossed it gets longer as the days go by. This routine seems to work for us at the moment, and we are much happier parents towards the children and each other. (It might not work for everyone, but it gets us through the day for now!).

Sibling love ❀️

For Second time parents I think the biggest concern is when will the first born adjust to his new sibling? This has honestly been up and down this week. Yes as I mentioned, Mateo is really loving and gentle with Luka. (Pats his head and gives him kisses), but his behaviour has changed towards my husband and I). His a lot more attention seeking, he wants hugs all the time and throws more tantrums than ever when he doesn’t get his way. Yup! the terrible 2s have already started and his only 21 months. I feel that it’s so important to show him more love than ever before, and I make sure that I put the baby down just for a few minutes and put him first. I can tell he loves it when I do this as it make him feel important. I also have noticed that he behaves a lot more during the day if I do this once or twice a day. I know that this is all normal and it just takes time for him to adjust just like it does for us both. I find that every time I hold the baby I let Mateo give him a big kiss. It’s little things like this that make it a little easier for both boys to adjust to each other a little quicker. I’ve attached a short video of the day that Mateo meet Luka in hospital and have watched it numerous times. It’s one of my all time favourite moments that I will cherish for ever and love that I have it recorded and can show the boys once they get older. (Thanks Marja for recording it).

Juggling two kids has been really difficult but I’m enjoying it as well and learning so much along the way. I know that it’s really early days, (2 weeks on tomorrow since Luka was born). Luka is such a different baby to Mateo (feeds well on the breast, , hardly ever cries and is a lot more calmer) I’m taking each day as it comes, and enjoying everyday as every day seems to be different. We as mothers will always be faced with obstacles when it comes to our children, but in the end we get through it, and everything some how just comes so naturally. Gee, look at me with breastfeeding, I was petrified that I would find it difficult once again, but it has been one of the easiest things this time around, who would have thought right!).

“Motherhood has taught me that I’m so much more capable than I ever gave myself credit for” Michelle Alen

Mirela. B

8 Replies to “My first week as a mum of 2”

  1. Hey Mire, First Δ± want to say congratulations your boys are beautiful maşallah . I’m gonna be a mum soon to im 3 months today and cant wait to keep reading up on your stories so Δ± can learn a little 😊. You look amazing hopefully when I get back from Turkey we can catch up..

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  2. Your doing an amazing job babe! Hats off to you seriously! Your a super women xx your boys are just beautiful
    Ps. Your video didn’t play for me 😦

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  3. You are such a super mum!! You make mother hood look so easy even when you are sleep deprived. So super proud of you and love your honesty xx


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