Mateo’s big boy room

Dear diary

So I finally decided it was time to get rid of the baby cot and get Mateo a big boy bed. He was turning 3 and it was the perfect time to transition him from the cot to a big bed.

I was so nervous because I had no idea how he would react. I came up with the idea of getting him a car bed. (Which young boy wouldn’t want to sleep in a car that was a bed?) I went to Kmart of course and put together a race car theme room. I also got little things that I New he would love. He is so obsessed with cars and catboy so I tried to stick to that theme throughout the whole room.

Well it’s safe to say that the car theme idea worked miracles. Mateo loveeedddddd his new room and his new bed. The day befor his birthday, we worked so hard to make his room a boys dream. He played in his room for over 2 hours, and he wouldn’t go downstairs. Below you will find a few photos of his new room. (I still have a few final touches to add but it’s 90% finished).

It can be so challenging for parents to always get it right with their children. I was soooo nervous to change his room around and I did everything I could to delay it from happening. I was afraid of changing his environment that he was so used to and I thought that it would be such a massive change for him (and I) But it actually went really smoothly. Sometimes as parents we are the ones who don’t like change and not the child . I think it was me not wanting him to grow up so quickly lol. I look at him now and think my god how big is he getting. We still go into his room after his fallen asleep to cover him (in the cot he used to uncover himself all the time) but now that he sleep in the big bed he sleeps on the pillow and is nice and covered throughout the night

“It’s the little things that matter the most”

Mirela B


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