Life update!

Dear Diary

So I can officially say that we have two toddlers in our house!! 😱 I can’t even explain to you how quickly the early years go. (Blink of an eye and they are no longer babies, and are walking and talking). I have enjoyed these early years so much, even the difficult days lol. This post is just a quick recap of what it has been like the last few months with my boys.


1 year old  & 3 year old

So Luka turned 1 in December and not long after his birthday, he took his first steps. Once he took those first steps, we have been his shadow the whole time (Literally) I know some people think it gets harder once their baby starts walking, but personally for me I could not wait for him to start walking. (He was such a heavy baby and my back was literally breaking each time I picked him up lol). Mateo turned 3, and we finally transitioned him into a big boy bed. (I did a post on it if you want to check out all the photos —->

Since Mateo turned 3, his personality has really started coming out.  He makes me laugh so much now that his started talking. (I swear his going to be a comedian lol). Now that his older I try and spend at least 1 full day with him where it’s just him and I. He loves the movies, playing on the playground and going on lunch/coffee dates with his mama.  I look forward to these moments with him each week 🙂


Stay home mum

I’m not going to lie, being a stay home mum can get hard. At times it does get lonely, even with the boys clinging to me 24/7. At times I do miss adult conversations and can’t wait for my husband to get home so I can talk to him about adult stuff lol. As for my career, I have chosen to put that on hold. I’ve always wanted to be a stay home in their early years and I’ve put all my focus to that the last couple of years. I’am so very blessed and grateful that I do get the opportunity to be a stay home mum, but it honestly does get difficult some days.


Health and Fitness

The first few months post birth it took a while for me to find a balance with my diet and fitness. (I didn’t exercise and I ate what ever I wanted with both pregnancy’s).  After having  babies it was really hard for me to stay on track. (People always thought I had my shit together with my diet but I didn’t always). One week I was doing so well, and the next I would just fall back down and not work out or eat healthy all week. I’ve  learned that it is important to not be so hard on your body.  The past few months I’ve just kinda being going with the flow and training and eating healthy when I can. I will be doing another before and after body update, so keep and eye out for that 😊 I did a body update straight after having Luka if you would like to read and check out the photos  —->


Raising two toddlers is defiantly another chapter in my life that I’m juggling and trying to get used to.  The boys are getting a lot more active and  I’m always trying to think of fun stuff to do with them.  As busy and crazy my life has become, I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. I love spending all my time with the boys and watching them grow into loving and happy young boys. (I know when they get older, they won’t want me around as much as they do now, so I’m enjoying this crazy but also wonderful moments with them. 🙂


Mirela. B


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