Dear Diary

My post- baby body

Dear Diary

So yes the little bundle of joy has arrived and it’s time to get back into my health and fitness. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t really exercise much while I was pregnant, and boy do I regret it now. 🙁🙁🙁 In this post I will show you exactly what my body looks like 1 week post baby, and some of the things I have been doing in the past couple of weeks to get my body back to how it used to be. (well close to it anyways). Please no nasty comments as this was a little tough for me to post so early on).

How much weight did I really put on during my pregnancy???

Ok, so while I was pregnant I nearly got to 70kg. My weight has always been between 50-55kg. (So almost 15-20kg) When I was pregnant it didn’t really bother me how much weight I was putting on. I really just wanted the baby to be healthy and that was my number one priority. This is something that is so important for pregnant woman to remember – there is a little human growing inside of you, weight should be the least of your worries. It has been just over 3 weeks now since Luka has arrived and I’ve only now started to focus on my diet and my fitness. Even though I’m nowhere near to where I want to be with my body, it will take time, effort, consistency and healthy eating to get to my body goal. 😁😁😁😁😁

Post baby body- (a few days after giving birth)


Food & Diet

So post baby you honestly still do look pregnant and your tummy is big and squishy. (Literally). It takes up to 6-10 weeks for your tummy to go down and for the uterus to shrink down to its original size. (As you can see in the photos, these were taken a few days after birth). I bow down to those mama’s that have had a baby and look like they wore not even pregnant to begin with the next day. (Well that ain’t me as you can see in the photos). When I was pregnant I ate what ever I pleased. (Mostly pizza was my craving). I didn’t follow any strict diets and just wanted to enjoy being pregnant and eat what ever I please. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I’ve started a No sugar diet. It’s only been a few days and boy has it been hard. (I have such a sweet tooth!). I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and vegetable and drinking a lot of water. (Lemon water) and I’ve noticed a huge change in energy and mood as well as my tummy going down a lot quicker. I will continue to eat healthy (but also spoil myself at times as I don’t think I can completely cut out sugar so quickly, I’ll get there eventually 😊).


Fitness and exercise

Ok I’ll be straight out and honest, I havn’t done any excercise since giving birth. (Not even going for a walk). The reason for this is because I want my body to fully recover first. I know I’ve been really slack and from next week onwards I will start going for walks with my boys as it’s important for new time mums to get some fresh air and vitamin D. (This is also important for your babies as well). I have purchased the belly bandit belly wrap that has helped tighten and shrink my belly, waist and hips post pregnancy and couldn’t recommend it more. It’s so comfy and easy to put on. 👌 (they sell them at baby bunting or you can order them online).


Back to yoga and meditation

After having my first child I really enjoyed doing yoga and meditation. I used to go to a class every week and really looked forward to it. I will be starting a yoga class again as it was something that really helped with my anxiety as well. Meditation is also something that really relaxes me and I continue to do this once a day. Each morning I turn on calming music on YouTube that my boys enjoy listening to as well. This is something I think every mum should try as it starts your day of with a clear and calm mind. 👌👌👌(Trust me you need it especially if you have more than one child).

Everything takes time

My body has gone through a lot the last 9 months and everything will take time to adjust and get back to how it used to be. I really want to take it slow this time around and not put so much pressure on myself to be a skinny minny. I just want to enjoy being a mum and spend as much time With my beautiful boys because one day they will grow up and probably won’t want to spend time with their dorky mum anymore ahahahah. 😁😁😁😁


“My body is full of life, my body is powerful, my body made me a mother” Uknown

Mirela . B


My first week as a mum of 2

Dear Diary

So I thought I’d write up a quick post on what it has been like the past week with a newborn and a toddler. I share the highs and the lows and explain what things I’ve been doing to make life a little easier and quicker to adjust to being a mum of two.

Our first night

The day we took Luka home from the hospital we had to re-introduce him to our first born Mateo. He warmed up to him with no problem and was very gentle. (thank god!). My husband and I had prepared our selfs for many sleepless nights. We even said to each other bring it on! We were ready! (Or we thought we were lol). The first night went better than expected, we stuck to our nightly routine with Mateo (dinner, play, bath, book and bed) and he was in bed by 8pm. (He generally sleeps the whole night without waking up). Tick! That’s one child taken care of. My husband does this routine with Mateo each night as it’s the only time he gets to spend some time with him as he rarely sees him because of work. (How lucky am I 😁😁)Well….. I used to put my feet up and have an hour to myself and watch the Real house wife’s or keeping up with the kardashians but not any more! Whilst my husband was upstairs I was downstairs breastfeeding, calming Luka down, changing him, giving him all the attention I can. (Yup this was my reality now, everything that I had done before was once again reversed with the second child).

Sleep deprivation

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me how Luka has been with sleeping. (To be honest the first few weeks with a newborn the sleeping patterns will be all over the place. Your newborn is getting familiar with you and his/her surroundings, so patience is key, they will adjust eventually. (Heaps of cuddles makes everything better). Luka sleeps 3-4 hours at a time during the day until he has to feed. (This gives me some time to spend with Mateo, which I’m really happy about). During the night the sleeping pattern is a little different, (first night) Luka was waking up every 45min to an hour. Yes! I was a zombie for a few days (literally). I was not having it as sleep and rest was something that both my husband and I needed in order to juggle 2 children during the day. So I came up with a little routine in order for us to both get some sleep. (Yes I’m that mum that loves routine, if you haven’t noticed by now, it keeps me sane! lol). We split the night/morning in half. So I would go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 3am, and my husband would go to bed at 3am and wake up at 9am. (We might get a few more hours if Luka slept longer but we definitely got 6 hours sleep without interruptions. (This will change as my husband will be going back to work really soon and will need proper sleep). Luka’s sleeping at night is slowly stretching out to 3 hours at a time, which I’m happy about, fingers crossed it gets longer as the days go by. This routine seems to work for us at the moment, and we are much happier parents towards the children and each other. (It might not work for everyone, but it gets us through the day for now!).

Sibling love ❤️

For Second time parents I think the biggest concern is when will the first born adjust to his new sibling? This has honestly been up and down this week. Yes as I mentioned, Mateo is really loving and gentle with Luka. (Pats his head and gives him kisses), but his behaviour has changed towards my husband and I). His a lot more attention seeking, he wants hugs all the time and throws more tantrums than ever when he doesn’t get his way. Yup! the terrible 2s have already started and his only 21 months. I feel that it’s so important to show him more love than ever before, and I make sure that I put the baby down just for a few minutes and put him first. I can tell he loves it when I do this as it make him feel important. I also have noticed that he behaves a lot more during the day if I do this once or twice a day. I know that this is all normal and it just takes time for him to adjust just like it does for us both. I find that every time I hold the baby I let Mateo give him a big kiss. It’s little things like this that make it a little easier for both boys to adjust to each other a little quicker. I’ve attached a short video of the day that Mateo meet Luka in hospital and have watched it numerous times. It’s one of my all time favourite moments that I will cherish for ever and love that I have it recorded and can show the boys once they get older. (Thanks Marja for recording it).

Juggling two kids has been really difficult but I’m enjoying it as well and learning so much along the way. I know that it’s really early days, (2 weeks on tomorrow since Luka was born). Luka is such a different baby to Mateo (feeds well on the breast, , hardly ever cries and is a lot more calmer) I’m taking each day as it comes, and enjoying everyday as every day seems to be different. We as mothers will always be faced with obstacles when it comes to our children, but in the end we get through it, and everything some how just comes so naturally. Gee, look at me with breastfeeding, I was petrified that I would find it difficult once again, but it has been one of the easiest things this time around, who would have thought right!).

“Motherhood has taught me that I’m so much more capable than I ever gave myself credit for” Michelle Alen

Mirela. B

Luka Barisic 29/12/2017

Dear Diary

Our beautiful baby boy Luka Barisic arrived on the 29th of December at 3.28pm. (Born at Frances Perry House). Below I take you through my unexpected labour and the arrival of our little man who made the end of 2017 one not to forget.

Doctors appointment- 28th December 2017

So, early Thursday morning we had our weekly obstetrician check up. (I was exactly 37 weeks pregnant and getting really excited because our due date was approaching (10/01/18). We decided that due to complications with my first born (He was a big baby and I had a very difficult labour), that I would be induced a week earlier as the baby may be a bit smaller at that time. (Original due date was 18/01/18). Everything went well with the appointment, my OB said everything was going the way it should, and my baby will be arriving on the 10/01/18. As we walked out of her office, I turned to my husband and said “I don’t know… I have a strange feeling that the arrival of our little boy would be sooner then expected”…….. and boy was I right! (Mother’s instinct is always right, and now I can officially say that IT most certainly IS!)

Later that night…..

So after the appointment we went past the shops and had some lunch. I remember feeling a little tired. (It was so hot and humid that I figured it must be the heat that’s draining me). When we got home Mateo (my first born) had already gone down for his nap. I lied down as well and fell asleep too). A few hours later we just chilled and went about our day like we always do. (Cooking, cleaning, mama duties etc). Later that evening after Mateo went to bed my husband and I finally had some time to put together the Christmas gingerbread house we got from Target (Christmas had past but we still decided to give it a go and put the house together). We had so much fun and at one stage I couldn’t stop laughing at my goofy husband. (I literally laughed so much that I peed myself, well I thought it was pee).

My water has broken!

Just as I got into bed that morning (1:15am to be exact) as I turned to get comfortable a gush of water just went everywhere! Straight away I thought yup! my water has broken. (3 weeks early! 😳🤷‍♀️)I jumped out of bed and started to panic. I said to my husband NO can’t be! We sat there trying to figure it out and finally rang the nurse on duty. She told me to put a pad on and call back in an hour and let her know if the pad is full. After an hour it defently was full! My water had broken! I remember I laughed and cried at the same time, and while on the toilet said to my husband “I can’t do this, I’m not ready”. Lol

On the way to the hospital….

The hospital trip was interesting. This time around I had no pain, I was really excited and in some weird way enjoyed my trip to the hospital. (I even managed to vlog, which I will be showing on my page real soon). When we arrived to the hospital it was around 4:30am. We were shown to one of the birthing suites. This is when the nerves kicked in and it hit me like a ton of bricks that my second child was about to be born. 🙈 I was about to give birth earlier than expected and I sure wasn’t ready for it.

Labour has started

My contractions didn’t start until after a few hours. This time around I did decide that an epidural was the way to go. In the moment I just went with what was right for me. (I really wasn’t prepared to go through all that pain like the first time). Once the epidural kicked in I could no longer feel my contractions or any pain. After about an hour or so the epidural began to wear off and I started to feel the pain again. (I didn’t really think the epidural could wear of that quickly, but it did). Eventually I got a top up and the pain was gone again.

Luka Barisic was born!

It took about 6 hours of labour for Luka to enter the world. Everything happened so quickly. It was a lot easier this time around. I was in a little bit of pain during labour (even with the epidural) but nothing compared to the first time. This time last week the little man was literally prepairing himself to come out… It’s been almost a week since I’ve become a mum of two and while it has been exhausting (I’m not going to lie) the no sleep/tackling two kids, breastfeeding, which I’m finding a lot easier this time around, thank god! Our life has been flipped upside down again (in a good way) and it is something that will take some time to get used to. So even though I sometimes feel like crying, (no sleep is killing me lol) I’m embracing every moment with my boys. The day I Introduced my two boys to each other left me In tears, and it will be a memory I will cherish forever. I love being a mum of two boys and while it’s early days I have a lot of learning to do as well.



“A mother holds their children’s hands for a while but their hearts forever”


What’s in my hospital bag?


img_0584_facetune_26-12-2017-22-09-17Dear Diary

So the time has come to pack my hospital bag! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and even though I’m not 100 percent ready for the little man to arrive, I need to be prepared just incase he decides to make an entrance earlier than expected. I have packed two seperate bags- one for the baby and one for myself (And another for hubby, but I won’t include his bag in this blog post ahaha). Below you will find a list of items and a video that I recorded so you can see what is in both bags. (I have added a few items that may not be mentioned in the video).

Babies hospital bag

In the babies bag I packed all the items in zip up pockets, that way everything is easily accessible. Most of the clothing I packed are basics (zip up onesies).

Babies first outfit- (This I packed all in one big zip up pocket so it’s easier to find once the baby arrives).

Body suits/zip up onesies- x5 (I prefer zip up over buttons as it’s quicker to put on).

Singlets- x5

Muslin wraps- x5

Blanket x1

Baby Hats x3- (It can get chilli in the hospital).

Pacifier- (This is not necessary as we didn’t need one for Mateo, but I’ll be packing one  anyways.

Nappies- (The hospital provides them but I packed a few).

Baby Wipes- (Water wipes, but the nursers recommend to use cotton wool and water)

Nappy rash cream/ ointment 

Mitten/Socks- (Only if the onesies don’t have them, which some I have packed don’t).

Burp cloths X3

Nappy bags- (I packed a few).

Baby towel- (For babies first bath- This I didn’t include in my video which I will need to pack).

Mama’s hospital bag

Ok so with my first pregnancy, I literally over packed and didn’t use half of the items. This time I TRIED to pack as little as possible and only bring the necessities that I really need for labour and the days I will be in hospital when baby arrives.

During Labour

Hospital documents This is all the hospital paper work- Medicare card,healthcare card,hospital recipiets etc.

 long lose top for labour The hospital usually gives you a hospital Gown but I prefer my own comfy top.

Face towel It may get really hot so a nice cool face towel is the perfect way to cool yourself down.

Drink bottle I drink so much water and take my water bottle everywhere.

Lip balm With all the heavy breathing during labour  your lips may get really dry.

Thongs-  Last time I was in labour, I found that having a warm shower helps with the pain. (This is why I bring my thongs to wear in the shower).

Slippers and socks- It can get a little chilli in the hospital – bringing warm socks and slippers is a good idea. (At most hospitals you have to wear shoes/ slippers if going for a walk).

Snacks It’s a good idea to bring sugary sweets to up your energy. (I didn’t do this the first time and I really should have as I hardly had any energy.

Camera/Iphone/chargers This is really important as you want to capture the beautiful moments when you meet your baby for the first time. (The nursers are so friendly and are always whiling to take the perfect shots for you).

Hair ties- So important as you hair will annoy you during labour and you will want to tie it up.

After labour

Nursing pads Your milk dosn’t come in until a few days but I still packed some just in case.

Maternity pads Do I really need to say why?  (I didn’t include this in the video, I remembered after I filmed it. 

Tooth brush/Tooth paste

Underwear- You literally need big comfy grandma undies. (Darker colours are ideal).

Nursing bras- It’s just so much easier when feeding. (Unclips and clips so easily).

Pjs- You will be in them most of the time you are in hospital (Top with buttons is ideal for breastfeeding).

Comfy clothes- I prefer lounge wear/ leggings and a lose top. (You will still look pregnant after birth so make sure they are a bigger size).

Robe- Perfect if you decide to take the baby for a walk in the hospital.

Eye mask- I didn’t bring one last time and found the hospital lights were always so bright. It can be difficult to sleep/rest your eyes.

Glasses/contacts Reading glasses if you need them.

Hand cream- This is a must! You will be changing diapers a lot and washing your hands a lot! You will need a moisturiser! (I forgot to mention this in my video).

Dry shampoo

Hair brush

Shampoo/conditioner-  (Some hospitals may provide them).

Shower towel- I just like to bring my own. (Hospitals do provide them).

I hope this gives expecting mamas a little idea on what are some of the things to pack in your hospital bag. (You may not need all the things I have listed as everyone is different. 😊😊😊
 Mirela. B

My baby Shower


Dear Diary

so yes I decided to have the smallest baby shower ever lol (something to mark the occasion but not go overboard and have a large party). Afternoon tea with my besties was the perfect little celebration. We spent the day at the grand Hyatt hotel in Melbourne and I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. I have the most amazing beautiful bffs ever. (Love you ladies so much and I’m truly greatful that you are both in my life and get to share this exciting journey with me).














My pregnancy photo shoot

Dear Diary

I was so excited to do a little photo shoot of my pregnancy/ baby bump. The one thing I regret so much with my first pregnancy is that I wish I had taken more photos of my growing belly. (I was a lot more self- conscious of my body whilst pregnant with my first child). I believe that pregnancy is a beautiful blessing regardless how hard it can actually be on your body. Pregnancy dosn’t last forever and it is a chapter in a woman’s life that is magical! All women should love and cherish this journey. Let’s face it! You are growing a little tiny human inside- what could be more incredible and rewarding than that 😊 Below you will find a few of my favourite pregnancy photos that I will cherish forever.





l hope all the pregnant mama’s enjoy their pregnancy journey as much as I have. Everything from the pain, the extra weight gain, the restless nights and waking up to pee a hundred times in the middle of the night are all worth it in the end, when you meet the beautiful little blessing you have created ❤️❤️❤️

“You will never understand life until it grows inside of you”- Sandra C Kassis

Mirela. B

Third trimester (week 29-40)

FullSizeRender copy

Dear Diary

I am in my final trimester of pregnancy, the third trimester. 😁 It has honestly gone so fast and I cannot believe that in about 7 weeks we get to meet our little man. This blog post is just a little update on what’s been going on with me in the third trimester How I have been feeling, what I’ve been finding difficult and just some items that have been making the last few weeks of pregnancy a little easier.

33 weeks pregnant today!

So today marks 33 weeks of my pregnancy.  (I know, where has the time gone). I had my sugar blood test a few weeks back and my results came back some what ok nothing of major concern. My iron/vitamin D was a bit lower than normal. I started taking iron/vitamin D tablets to boost it back up and had to change a few things in my diet. Overall everything is back on track and I have so much more energy than I had in the second trimester. (Explains why I have been feeling so tired in the second trimester). I have started doing a lot more yoga and stretches during the day to increase my blood flow. My feet at times can swell up and I literally need my husband to give me a foot massage most nights. (How lucky am I to have him hehe).<<<<

My must have items in the third trimester

                                                   Belly bandit-


Ok so this has literally saved me from the constant back pain that I have been experiencing in the last few weeks. (My belly has grown so much, putting a lot of pressure on my back). The belly bandit has helped to support my growing belly and ease up my back pain. This seriously is a must have in the third trimester. (You can start using it earlier in your pregnancy if you like). I got mine from baby bunting and I think it was around $80. (So worth the money).

  Pure papayacare- Papaya Renew cream


This cream was gifted to me and I absolutely love it! It moisturizers my tummy and doesn’t leave it greasy like some creams that I have tried. My tummy is no longer as itchy, and I love the scent of the cream. I usually use this cream 2 times during the day, or when ever I feel my tummy is getting dry. ( I also use the palmers cocoa stretch marks cream at night which I have mentioned in my previous posts).         

                         Maternity support pillow 


I absolutely love my maternity support pillow and sleep with it every night. I actually purchased it when I fell pregnant with Mateo and I’m re-using it once again. I think I got it from baby bunting but not 💯 sure. I highly recommend getting a pregnancy pillow because it helps supports the back and the belly.  I get such a good night sleep now that I have started using this pillow. (You can get all kinds of different sizes and there is heaps of affordable ones on eBay).

So that pretty much covers how I’ve been feeling in my last trimester of pregnancy. The third trimester for some woman can be really hard, exhausting and a little frustrating. (Lets face it! you start getting sick of your big belly, and everything seems to be getting hard waddling like a penguin ain’t fun lol). I have my check ups every 2 weeks now that my due date is approaching. Next week we have another ultra sound to check the size of the baby.  I have already started to prepare my hospital bag and I will be writing up a blog post on ‘What to pack in my hospital bag? 

“I’m hungry. I feel fat. I’m fine. My boobs hurt. My feet ache. Leave me alone. Come here. I want peanut butter. Go away. Just love me!” Unknown

This quote couldn’t be more accurate to how I have been feeling in my third trimester. fun fun fun-  I blame it on the hormones heheh

Mirela. B


IMG_9621 copy